The Diary of the Leader

Our senior consultant Floriana Mendez shares a blog on the reality that leaders face in their organizations and shares a tool that may help us to keep a balance.

Throughout my life working in different companies I have witnessed how high level job positions require much maturity to handle the position in a “lonely” manner. This in addition to the many responsibilities and new abilities required from leaders of the 4.0 Era.

When referring to managing in a “lonely” manner what I mean is that there is no position as lonely as the one of a high profile leader in an organization. Why? A high percentage of the decisions is confidential and work interactions must be handled under equitable frameworks within the organization because these positions are the eyes of their collaborators. In turn, the leader must have a good balance of its emotions to properly self-regulate and be effective with its work teams.

That is why one of the secrets of those great leaders is that all of them have had the discipline of making daily introspections by keeping a diary. This diary is added to their responsibilities and is generally part of a routine within their predetermined daily agenda.

The best leaders take their time to reflect on their performance and their own capacity to lead people. One of the most effective ways to do this is by keeping a diary on which to write thoughts about what we do and how we do it.

The main objective of keeping a diary is:

  1. To save time in the daily agenda to write ideas, emotions, and things to be thankful for.
  2. It is recommended to write on the diary every day at the same time.
  3. To raise awareness regarding effective actions and those that should be modified.
  4. To practice introspection to listen to our own internal voice.
  5. It is a moment that allows following your conscience without judgement, censoring or trying to direct your thoughts where they should go in a “programmed” manner.
  6. To develop and create your own perspective on reality.
  7. To recognize your impact on others and strengthen integrity and humanity.
  8. To see the world that will shape your thought habits regarding your connection with a positive sense of purpose.

Nowadays, one of the expected talents of a leader is to be a catalyst of leadership with purpose, who not only teaches and guides, but also…

  • Promotes the wellbeing of its collaborators.
  • Invests on their emotional capacities.
  • Develops today the leaders of the future.
  • Becomes an expert on “comments”, and powerful questions that challenge the minds of the team without being the typical speaker of rigid and structured meetings.
  • Strengthens self-conscience capacities to boost the maximum potential from its people.
  • Creates inclusive workplaces.

That said, dear Leader, and considering the high demand and upskilling and reskilling abilities, are you ready to start your Diary?

In DPA we help leaders to work in teams and make the journey towards a high level job position be one of a constant learning process where techniques and tools are shared for better everyday management.

Write to us to the email and we will gladly provide counselling. Our personnel is bilingual.

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